Dan Mooney, The President at JMS Marketing Inc. has been involved in the business of Direct Face-to- Face Sales and Marketing for 7 years. Dan started as a day one Account Rep within our business and has worked on seven different campaigns (Business-to- Business, Business-to- Consumer, Event Based Sales, and Government Regulated Campaigns).  He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and grew up playing Hockey, Baseball, and Football. Since starting in the business, Dan has had the opportunity to travel the globe and network with people in many different Markets. He prides himself on providing people opportunity for growth and advancement based on individual performance, attitude, and work ethic.

Due to the nature of our business we also believe in creating a positive team environment. Our business allows people to grow personally and professionally at their own pace.  There is an opportunity for traveling and networking all over the globe. Anyone who is interested in a company that represents a great client, with opportunity for growth and advancement, as well as a positive work environment would be a great fit to work with the team at JMS Marketing Inc.

Other members include:

Myles Edwards: Human Resources Director

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