How JMS Marketing Inc. gain customers:

JMS Marketing Inc. specializes in Direct Face to Face Marketing for our clients. Doing this we are able to create long lasting customers for the clients by building rapport through a personal connection 1 on 1.
We have a simple system to follow that has been proven to work and has allowed us to teach anyone to successfully assist new customers. We have found that by keeping our system simple it has been easier to duplicate our results and stay consistent in production.

Why Direct Marketing Vs Indirect

Indirect Marketing:

Indirect Marketing is a type of Marketing that has no specific audience. It targets anyone and everyone.
Some examples of indirect marketing are billboards, signs, commercials, radio ads and more. Anyone
can see a commercial or billboard. The problem with indirect marketing is that it doesn’t really drive
sales, there’s no real way to accurately measure the return on investment and at times can be very
expensive. There is one pro when it comes to indirect marketing, however. Indirect marketing gets the
name out there and creates brand recognition/awareness for the company. The fortune 100-500
companies that we represent however don’t need us to help their brand recognition. They are big
enough for most people to know who they are.

Direct Marketing:

Direct Marketing is a type of Marketing that has a targeted audience. It’s a way for a company to
specifically communicate 1 on 1 with a certain group of people. There are currently 3 forms of direct
marketing; Mailers, Telemarketing and Face to Face. Due to the fact that mailers are usually tossed and are just another exposure we do not take part in that form of marketing. We also do not have our reps telemarketing based off the fact that statistically it has very little return on investment and is not a very effective means of representation. What JMS Marketing Inc. specialize in is Face to Face Marketing. It is the most personable way to market a product for our clients and yields the largest return on investment. It also puts us in a niche market which cannot be outsourced and creates more stability for our growth moving forward.

Why our Clients use us:

JMS Marketing Inc. is an outsourced marketing company. Rather than them doing their own face to face marketing our clients rely on us to bring them great long term customers. The question to ask is why? Well it’s simple. We provide them with speed to market. There is a massive cost associated with opening and training a new sales office in any market. Our ability to outsource these services at a fraction of their costs not only increases their sales, but reduces their bottom line. Meanwhile that allows us to grow at a continuous rate and expand into new markets as well.

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