JMS Marketing Inc. is a Sales and Marketing Firm

We are dedicated to representing our clients with great character and integrity. JMS specializes in customer acquisition for the clients. Our pride not only derives from quantity but quality as well. Our methods take a simple and direct approach to communicating one on one with the customer. This builds value by presenting an easy solution to whatever they need. We attribute our continued growth with our clients to the fact that our results are measurable. Therefore this indicates that we provide an excellent return on investment (ROI) for them. Our only
shortcoming is that we are not expanding as fast as we would like.

The markets we deal in are expanding at exponential rates. They need more representation as soon as possible. Due to the ever expanding markets, we have committed ourselves to a continuous growth by investing in the people who make our company great. By providing a merit based system we allow those people who perform at an above average level to advance quickly through our Management Training Program.

Our Goal

JMS Marketing Inc. promotes only from within so that only the most qualified of individuals with proven results are training our new reps that join the team. It is important to us that we create a family-like culture. With this, we can continue to build a solid foundation moving into the future. We firmly believe in an open door policy where communication is encouraged and support is given. By aligning our goals towards a common vision we will continue to find success not only for our clients but for the whole team as well.

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